Treat the ones you love with something yummy from Delcie's Kitchen!  Choose from a scrumptious goodie on our "Seasonal" page, or anything on the website.

Single layer heart shaped rich chocolate cake topped with fudge ganache and trimmed with rich fudge frosting. $10.

Individual bundt cake, your choice of white with raspberry topping and buttercream frosting, or rich chocolate with fudge ganache and rich fudge frosting. $2.50/ea. 

Rich chocolate cupcakes with fudge frosting, vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, or red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (not shown). $1/ea.  Also availabe:  Vanilla cupcakes with raspberry filling and raspberry swirl frosting, $1.50/ea.

Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting, $1.75/ea. or $20/doz.

Individual heart cakes, your choice of vanilla topped with raspberry filling and trimmed with cream cheese frosting, or chocolate topped with fudge ganache and fudge frosting.  $2/ea.

Buttery, chewy sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting. $.75/ea. for regular size, $1.50/ea for extra large.

Pretzel rods dipped in homemade caramel and covered in rich chocolate, decorated with red and white drizzle.  $1.25/ea.